Welcome to Scouting in Worcester - How to Join!


You’re probably here because you’re looking to join a Scout Group in Worcester!  What lovely news and well done for making a terrific lifestyle choice!

Just below this you can see a map of Worcester that shows all the Scout Groups.  Your best starting point is to find one near you and get in touch.  All groups in Worcester will be able to help you find out the best way to start your Scouting adventure.  If you’d like a bit more advice on how to get going, then email info@worcesterscouts.org and they’ll help you get started!

There are links above to describe the different age groups – briefly; Beavers is 6-8 year olds, Cubs is 8-10, Scouts 10 – 14, Explorers are 14-18 and Network goes up to 25.

The big children are allowed to become adult volunteers!

All groups know how to have lots of adventure in the great outdoors.

Where to Scout in Worcester


Hi Students We are pleased to announce a new SSAGO at Worcester University (Students Scout and Guide Organisation)! They can help you find a group or join in with all the fun our Network members have in Worcester! Find out more here

Scout shops

There is a Scout Shop in Worcester to visit for all you scouting needs.

It is situated on the A44 Bromyard Road. Click here for a map.

There is also an online Scout Shop.


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